Swatch Cards & Printing, Brooklyn, NY


Allied Sample Card Company’s years of experience allow us to produce a swatch card which will make a lasting impression with your customers. Whether the swatches are 1 ply, 2 ply, ganged, stepped, or undermatted, we have the specialized equipment necessary to do the job with precision. Swatches can be cut with pinked or straight edges.

Swatch Cards & Printing, Brooklyn, NY


Swatch folders can be multi-paneled, with single or capacity scores Be it for presentations or mailers, we can provide a folder of the proper stock, weight and size. Since custom work is commonplace for us, you are not limited in selection.

Swatch Cards & Printing, Brooklyn, NY


Looking for a way to display your hanging items? Our headers or caps allow you to show off your fabrics or merchandise in style. With or without hooks, we can accommodate your large or small order.

Swatch Cards & Printing, Brooklyn, NY


If you want a presentation that will hold up for years to come, our stack books might be the answer. Stack books can be made with hard or soft covers, in any size, and can have framed or bottom stripped swatches with or without printing. Book covers can be printed in any number of colors and film laminated for longevity and beauty. Let our experts discuss with you your specific needs.

Swatch Cards & Printing, Brooklyn, NY


At Allied we can print on stocks in varying thickness and weight. Your designs can be brought in and we can advise on best ways of bringing them to reality. Printing options include digital, offset and letterpress. Each job is assessed for its specific demands, and matched to a process that best fits it.

Swatch Cards & Printing, Brooklyn, NY


Using a steel rule die, the custom shapes are cut out of almost any material. Die cutting swatches adds a custom touch. If you prefer, cards or folders can be die cut to allow swatches to show through in varying shapes, in an under mat format. The possibilities are limitless.

Swatch Cards & Printing, Brooklyn, NY


If you are wondering how to display fine yarns, threads or string, you need not wonder any longer. Allied has a unique machine solely dedicated to producing high quality winding strips. We can produce these custom winding strips and mount them on printed cards or folders, thereby creating a truly impressive statement.

Swatch Cards & Printing, Brooklyn, NY


In addition, Allied offers riveting, eyeletting & grommeting, stapling & stitching, overlocking & sewing, film laminating, shrink wrapping, custom packaging, and mailing.

Swatch Cards & Printing, Brooklyn, NY

Foil stamping and embossing

Foil stamping is the process of transferring metallic foil onto paper stock with a heated die. The result adds an extra dimension to the product. Any combination of blind emboss, letterpress or foil can be used. Our capabilities include producing foil stamped and/or embossed labels, roll or sheet stock. Various thicknesses and types of substrates. We can work with sizes up to 14 x 22 inches.

Swatch Cards & Printing, Brooklyn, NY


Label printing is almost limitless in it’s application. Anything from full color digital, custom cut, embossed label to a simple mailing sticker is possible. Various other methods can come together to produce a label that will meet your demand.

Swatch Cards & Printing, Brooklyn, NY

CNC Cutting

CNC stands for computer numerical control and that means that almost any shape from a vector file can be made into a real shape in matter of minutes. Using our computer mat cutter, we can cut 2d shapes, stencils, boxes, prototypes and etc. Sizes up to 40 x 60 inches. Develop a sample of a design or even doing a small production takes almost no set up. Score lines and even embossing can be added just as quickly and easy. Matboard picture frames with 45-degree bevel are also possible.

Swatch Cards & Printing, Brooklyn, NY

Punch and Tab

​Punching holes in heavy stock is something we have worked on a lot over the years. Whether its tabs for spiral binding or openings for eyelets, we can utilize special punching dies or hollow drills to do what others cannot. On the other end of stock thickness is perforating which we can apply to labels or sheets to get the result you’re looking for.



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